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i'm rebekah. but you can call me reb.
serial killer & horror blog.
I love the dark side of the mind & I'm fascinated by evil.
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I may not be skinny but  I’m going to wear my bikini with confidence. Cause I’m a curvy goddess. 😘
You are very beautiful and I am proud of you. Proud that you are finally happy and making yourself a better person. Love you<3.

Thank you so much lovely anon! :) you’re so sweet! Xx

Sucks that you're having a day from hell! Hope things get better and p.s. you're pretty.

Thank you so much my lovely!!! :) I’m feeling better now!

college was going great until this week. I had a day from hell today.. First my tutor called me up in front of the class and asked why I wasn’t there yesterday.. (I wasn’t there because I was having a really bad day and my depression and anxiety was just too much so I needed a break from class to clear my head) I asked him if I could talk to him about it after class and he said “no I would rather hear it now” I said please can I talk after class? Again he said no and at that point I began to cry and had to rush out of the room. (Whilst everyone was watching) I returned about 15 minutes later and class still wasn’t done but he demanded that I tell him why I wasn’t there so I had to tell him Infront of everyone that I have problems with anxiety and depression.. And his exact words were “for all I know you could be making that up and you were just too lazy to come to class” again o began to cry and he didn’t even care.. as if that wasn’t bad enough THEN I got accused by another tutor of being disrespectful and making her cry when all I said was that I didn’t like a song we were doing in singing class. This sucks guys I had to come home early and get my granny to pick me up. Feeling really low right now so any nice messages would be appreciated!

So I’ve gained a lot of weight in the last year.. Not that being overweight is bad or anything i would just like to get back down to a healthy weight. And I’m going to quit smoking. Here’s to a healthier happier me! :)